Lex Group Recruitment

One of the most important branches within our Group is the new Employment Agency, i.e. Lex Group Recruitment. We are now licensed (E.A.No.224-2020) and accredited in terms of the Employment Agencies Regulations to carry out business relating to employment. The main activities carried out by this line of service include: 

  1. recruitment consultancy;
  2. interviewing, selection and placement of candidates in employment;
  3. recruitment of persons from abroad for employment in Malta or in any other European Union Member State;
  4. recruitment of persons in Malta for employment in Malta or in any European Union Member State;
  5. advertising of vacancies on behalf of client companies; and
  6. keeping a register of applicants for employment. 

Our team has been providing services related to visa procurement, work permits (for both EU and non-EU nationals), residency and citizenship programmes, as well as matters related to relocation for more than a decade now. To this effect, our client portfolio is significantly diversified, ranging from private individuals to startups and multinational companies. 

Owing to our tailor-made approach and dedicated service, employers and other clients who have been assisted by the Group in relocating their family and business interest to Malta also seek our services to obtain visas, residence permits and employment licenses for their prospective employees. Now that Lex Group is licensed as an Employment Agency, we can also offer recruitment services to our clients.    

As a result, we pride ourselves in saying that we are now the one-stop-shop firm on the island with regards to immigration and recruitment services. Our aim is to fuse the art of immigration services and recruitment, in that we will be able to offer our clients a holistic service once they settle down and make Malta their home and hub of operations.  

Our group has thrived on its reputation as being exceptional in delivering top-notch services to its clients. This can only be accomplished if we ensure that our clients have the best resources, knowledge and expertise readily available. 

As we delve into new areas of operation, the Group’s mission statement will remain our  guiding principle: 

No to half measures. We create an environment where you can succeed”.