Public Procurement

Having successfully aided numerous clients with public procurement, Lex Group has all the experience and knowledge necessary to provide for its clients’ needs in this respect. We understand and appreciate the burdensome legal standard that the applicable legal regulations may require a prospective bidder to meet, and thus we offer to provide any legal guidance that may be necessary. Our range of services in this regard include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Identification of Tender Opportunities – We keep ourselves abreast with the latest tender opportunities, informing any of our applicable clients once any opportunity suited for them crops up;
  2. Compilation of Essential Documents – We understand and appreciate that a successful tender necessitates rigorous preparation. In this regard, we shall ascertain that all essential documents, as required by the respective authority, is compiled with in an orderly manner so as to avoid any unnecessary obstacles with the eventual submission of the tender bid;
  3. Final Submission of Tender Bid – Lastly, we assist with submission of the tender bid, which nowadays is to be carried out through the Electronic Public Procurement System (EPPS).

Special care shall be taken to ensure that any deadlines imposed by the respective authorities are met. Whether you are a private corporate entity, a public organisation, an NGO, or any other type of entity interested in submitting a tender bid, we can offer you all the assistance required.

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