About Us

Lex Group Limited is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm based in Malta, an island in the middle of the the Mediterranean sea (Click Here), committed to provide professional services to locals and international clients alike.

Our team of consultants provide services related to law, ICT & Innovative Technology, Citizenship & Residency, Corporate & Tax.

The mission of the Group is to offer its clients pristine service in all areas of practice. The principle aim is to help clients establish an environment where they, together with their employees and clients, can succeed. We assist and offer our clients advise on all that matters to them, their families and businesses in the most fitting and expedient manner.

The departments within Lex Group are manned by professionals of the highest caliber, with most of them enjoying  years of impeccable experience in their field.

Lex Group is the coming together of a number of seasoned professionals, all aspiring to leave a legacy of a firm they believe in. We can only do this however with your help, by trusting us in taking care of your matters. That is why we value our clients and aim at providing customised services that suit their needs best.

Mission Statement

“No to half measures. We create an environment where you can succeed”

Business Wisdom At Your Disposal

Dr Andy Ellul

Dr Andy Ellul was conferred with a Doctoral Degree in 2007. His thesis, entitled ‘The Regulation of Executive Warrants, A Time of Reform’, examines the mechanisms of debt collection in commercial matters. He is the founder of Lex Group Limited and currently its Head of Group.

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Angele de Leuw Muscat

Angele de Leuw Muscat is an International Tax Specialist with several years of working experience. She was part of the international tax teams of the big four companies in Malta as well as in the Netherlands. In her work experience, Angele focused on European and International Tax Law and on State Aid advisory.

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Mr Kevin Agius

A Certified Public Accountant and Auditor by profession, Mr Kevin Agius was conferred with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in accountancy by the University of Malta in 1991. He obtained his warrant to practice as a Certified Public Accountant by the Ministry of Finance in 1995, and in 2017 he was registered as […]

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Elinor Borg Barbara

Elinor Borg Barbara is a Corporate specialist with several years of experience within the Financial Services and Corporate Sectors. She is the corporate consultant of the group and is responsible for the general management of the corporate services unit. Elinor acts as the main point of contact of our clients,

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Dr Ronald Aquilina

Dr Ronald Aquilina has, since 1997, assisted a wide range of clients on assignments encompassing several aspects of civil and commercial law. Ronald’s main area of practice is property law, with particular emphasis on sale and acquisition of immovable property and going concerns, vetting of title, bank financing and

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Dr Tiziana Micallef

Dr Tiziana Micallef is a practising lawyer within Lex Group, focusing mainly on Residency, Citizenship and Compliance.  She comes from a legal background mainly focusing on contract law and has worked in one of the biggest notarial firms in Malta for over six years. After gaining an insight in the notarial field, focusing mainly on

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Dr Daniela Azzopardi Bonanno

Dr Daniela Azzopardi Bonanno was awarded her warrant to practice as an Advocate before the Courts of Malta in 2015. She completed the law course at the University of Malta in 2014, summa cum laudae, and today is a practising lawyer within Lex Group. Daniela has a deep interest in family and child law.

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Dr Ryan Ellul

Dr Ryan Ellul was conferred with a Bachelor of Laws Degree with honours in 2016. He furthered his legal studies and in 2018 successfully completed a Masters Degree in law. Dr Ellul joined Lex Group as a student and is now a practising lawyer within the firm. He specializes in dispute settlement and resolution and

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Dr Marita Pace Dimech

Dr Marita Pace Dimech holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree, a post graduate diploma in Notarial Law and a Doctoral Degree in law from the University of Malta. Her doctoral thesis focused on the provisions of the Lanzarote Convention, a Council of Europe charter on children’s rights. In 2014 she was appointed to serve on […]

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Dr Annalisa Caruana

Dr Annalisa Caruana holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Malta, a post graduate Diploma in Notarial Studies and a Doctoral Degree. In 2006, Dr Caruana received the warrant to act as a Notary Public. She is also a Commissioner for Oaths. Dr Caruana’s main area of practice is property law, with […]

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Dr Francesca Micallef Sammut

Dr Francesca Micallef Sammut pursued her academic studies at the University of Malta. She holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree, a post graduate diploma in law and a Doctor of Laws Degree. She received her warrant to practice as a Notary Public in 2006. Dr Micallef Sammut is also a Commissioner for Oaths. Throughout her […]

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Dott.ssa Caterina Gangi

A lawyer by profession, Dott.ssa Caterina Gangi is a consultant within Lex Group and practices law in Italy and Spain. She coordinates the Group’s branch in Sicily. In 2003 Dott.ssa Gangi graduated in linguistics from the Liceo Classico in Caltagirone (Italy). She furthered her studies and in 2012 was conferred with a Masters’ Degree by […]

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Ms Luisa Tufigno

Ms Luisa Tufigno was educated at the University of Malta. In 1994 she obtained a Certificate in Foundation Studies and in 1995 she was conferred with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Psychology. After successfully obtaining a post graduate diploma in law, in 1999 Ms Tufigno obtained the warrant to act as a Legal Procurator. […]

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Ms Giliane Oosthuizen Valletta

Ms Giliane Oosthuizen Valletta graduated in Management from the Institute of Tourism Studies in 2006. She furthered her studies and in 2008 obtained an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources and Hospitality. After completing her studies, Giliane worked in England, London, for a number of years, where she specialised in management and services.

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