Due to our diversified client base, at Lex Group we make sure to attend successfully to our clients’ needs when it comes to obtaining different types of licenses/permits required by law. Amongst others, we aid clients in obtaining the following:


  • Commercial Licenses: We have assisted clients in obtaining various commercial and professional licenses required to operate a business in Malta, ranging from licenses required to operate retail outlets to catering establishments as well as professional institutions. These include, for example, import and export licenses.  If as an entrepreneur your business includes the importation or exportation of certain items like raw materials, goods or products, machinery and semi-finished goods, then you will need to obtain an import or export license prior to conducting your business. At Lex Group, we can offer our professional advice as to whether your business activity requires a commercial license and if in the affirmative, we can also take care of the application process and all other ancillary activities required to obtain the intended license.


  • Employment Agency License: If you are contemplating to carry out business relating to employment, whether as an individual, a company, or as any other type of legal entity, an employment agency license is required. Successful acquisition of the said license will vest the applicant with the possibility to carry out a variety of services attributed to this area including: recruitment consultancy; interviewing, selection and placement of candidates in employment; recruiting Maltese/foreign individuals for employment in Malta or in any other Member State of the European Union; advertisement of the filling of vacancies; and the preservation of a register of applicants for employment. At Lex Group, given our professional experience in this sector, we can go through all the intricacies required for the acquisition of the said license in a timely manner, ascertaining the shortest possible time-frame for our client to initiate his business.  


  • Immigration Residence/Work Permits: Our immigration unit at Lex Group can help you obtain the required permit to reside legally in Malta. We will take your personal circumstances, as disclosed to us by you, within consideration and will direct you to the most beneficial residence/work permit programme that currently exists for you in Malta. Where applicable, we will also liaise with the respective authorities. In other words, we offer the full range of immigration related service and are committed to guide you in obtaining the required residence/work permit every step of the way. For a fuller picture of what we offer in this respect, please click on the following link: http://lexgroup.mt/services/residency-citizenship/ 


  • Any other licenses/permits: Should you require any other license, which has not been listed above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us accordingly. We are more than happy to assist you with anything you may require in this regard.


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