Contract Management

At Lex Group, we understand the legal repercussions that a badly drafted contract may have on your business or family interest, and we seek to avoid such eventuality through our contractual services. These services may be divided into a fourfold manner:

  1. Contract Negotiation – Should our client requests, we will be present in all meetings which may take place with the other party to a contract, advising our client of his rights throughout the negotiations and making sure that these are respected by the other party;
  2. Contract Drafting – At Lex Group, we do not just put in black and white the Parties’ obligations with respect to a contract. We strive to ensure that all measures are taken to avoid any possible loopholes which others may later on use to their advantage to fall short from fulfilling their contractual obligations or to dissolve the contract in place;
  3. Contract Review – We review all type of contracts for which our clients request professional advice. We advise on any contractual clauses which may eventually put our clients in a compromising situation, suggesting the entire removal or amendment thereof accordingly. In this regard, we offer to negotiate directly with our clients counterparts prior to any signing.
  4. Contract Monitoring (where applicable) – Where possible, we make sure that the other party to a contract is abiding by the legal obligations which he undertook to comply with, and if it results that the other party is breaching the contract agreed upon, we advise our clients on the ideal approach that should be taken in the circumstances at hand.

Amongst others, at Lex Group we have assisted clients in the negotiation, drafting and review of various contracts, such as loan agreements; lease agreements; contracts of employment; privatisation agreements, franchising agreements, contracts of services and /or works, etc. Whatever the type and nature of the agreement which you are seeking to put in writing, we are here ready to assist you.

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