We deal with all the client’s corporate and administrative requirements ensuring they are compliant and kept abreast with all regulatory requirements.

Our corporate team assists our clients with the setting up of business operations in Malta. They will guide you from the initial stage of the company incorporation to the day to day administration required for the smooth operation of a new business. Our team provides the most efficient service to ensure the client has all the necessary professional support in the initial phase and beyond.


Corporate Services and Administration Services

  • Incorporation of Maltese companies
  • Re-domiciliation of companies 
  • Company secretarial services 
  • Due diligence work and transaction review
  • Applications for licenses under the Investment Services Acts and other legislations 
  • Yacht registration and VAT compliance 
  • Back office services including office accommodation, banking administration, payroll, compliance and HR matters
  • Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) legislation 
  • Residence in Malta for expatriates

We ensure that the client’s accounting and auditing requirements are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Maltese registered companies are required by law to prepare annual financial statements. We understand the client is busy growing the business and may not have the time to focus on the periodic reporting requirements that an entity needs to abide to. Our consultants at Lex Group is made up of highly competent professionals who can provide a full range of accounting and audit support services including bookkeeping, preparation of management accounts as well as Tax and VAT compliance services.

Corporate & Commercial

We provide all the support required for successful businesses by ensuring that the client is in line with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. We assist in the drafting of different kind of agreements that will be required by the client to execute transactions.

We also assist companies in obtaining necessary licenses to operate in the Maltese market such as Gaming, Trading and special licenses issued by local authorities.


Malta offers an attractive work environment in which employees’ rights are safeguarded through work and occupational health and safety regulations thus ensuring a healthy work environment for both employees and employers. Employers are responsible for ensuring adherence to local regulations to avoid facing legal liability and reputation damage. At Lex Group our team of experts can assist in drafting of employment contracts and engagement letters, registration of Employers with the local authorities, assisting non-EU nationals with obtaining work permits in Malta and all other employment matters.

We provide direct and indirect tax advisory services to individuals and corporations with confidence and assurance that we are offering our clients a holistic view of the tax implications involved.

The tax advisory team may assist the client in determining the domestic and international tax implications of a wide array of transactions. We provide both direct and indirect tax advice to both individuals and corporations. Our tax and corporate consultants have extensive experience in interpreting local tax law as well as the wide range of treaties that Malta has concluded with its business partners. To ensure an exceptional service to our clients we also ensure that the client is informed of all the latest developments happening both locally and in an international context.

Our team has extensive experience in providing advice on;

Corporate tax

  • Business operations in Malta
  • Re-domiciliating a company to or from Malta
  • International transactions involving Malta
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions

Personal Tax

  • Taking up residence in Malta
  • Individual Investment Program (Citizenship)
  • Taxation of investment income
  • Employment and social security
  • Trusts and foundations

Indirect Tax implications of

  • Stamp duty implications of property and share transfers
  • VAT implications of International transactions
  • VAT implications of Yachts and Aircraft Leasing

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