As William Mougayar puts it, the ‘blockchain’ cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.

This year Malta enacted legislation regulating blockchain-based businesses and their service providers, as well as cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

Malta is the first country in the world to have enacted laws regulating cryptocurrencies, the launch of initial coin offerings, blockchain and DLT service providers, among others, including the setting up of cryptocurrency exchanges.

No wonder why Malta has been dubbed as the ‘Blockchain Island’ at the Delta Summit (Malta – 2018)

At Lex Group we have embraced with enthusiasm this new phenomenon. We consult on all areas of blockchain and intend to be frontliners in this area of service.



Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens available online via exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and token events.

Malta, as a leader in a number of emerging trends and markets, has become one of the first countries in the world to legally embrace blockchain and accept cryptocurrencies.

Many businesses have already resorted to the use of cryptocurrencies. You can explore new horizons and let us do the work and consult you with all that it entails. At Lex Group we can offer consultancy on all matters related to cryptocurrency.



Our team of iGaming experts are dedicated exclusively to the remote gaming industry. We rely on integrity, leadership, in-depth knowledge and experience to assist our clients.

Through our vast network of professionals and gaming consultants, we consult and assist our clients to acquire that type of particular licence which befits most their scope of works and intended industry.

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